What is CCA? — 2 of 2

The incidence and mortality of CCA are rising5,8,9

The epidemiological profile of CCA varies with geographical location. In Western countries, incidence of CCA has increased over the past few decades5,8

In most countries, CCA is a rare cancer with an incidence of <6 cases per 100,000 people8

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Over the past few decades in Western Europe:

  • Age-adjusted incidence rates of iCCA have increased5
  • Incidence of eCCA has followed a stable-to-decreasing trend5,8

The EU mortality from iCCA increased by ~9% in both sexes from 1990 to 2008, accounting for:9


of liver cancer deaths
in women9


of liver cancer deaths
in men9

Pie charts developed by Incyte, based on reference 9.